Carton - UV Curing Ink

  • Carton - UV Curing Ink
Carton - UV Curing Ink
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Carton - UV Curing Ink


1. The ink has high purity, bright color and no yellowing, and wide color gamut;

2. It is not easy to fade, resist friction, and the finished product feels smooth. It can print beautiful patterns of three-dimensional hand feeling, and can also form concave and convex texture or embossed effect image;

3. Fast curing, low energy consumption, smooth printing and not easy to plug;

4. Highly attached ink, which means that it is ready to be dried and has a high degree of color reproduction;

5. Rapid penetration, fully compliant with the gamut printing standards;

6. Compliance with European and American RoHS and REACH environmental protection requirements;

7. Ink can be customized to match the actual printing needs of the customer.

Application material:

Foamed paper, embossed paper, corrugated paper, gray board paper, cardboard, coated paper, cattle cardboard, etc.

Application areas:

Carton packaging industry for food, alcohol, household appliances, light industrial products, etc.

Applicable nozzle:

Epson/Kyocera/Ricoh/star fire/Seiko


In order not to affect the ink fluency and the quality of the printed image, it is recommended to perform printer cleaning when replacing different brands of ink.