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Nearly 30% of the staff of Print-Rite New Materials are composite R & D and scientific and technological personnel. There are 8 self-built R & D laboratories and 1 printing technology research laboratory. With multiple patents, they are the first to develop thermal transfer inks and UV curing inks in China And other products. In addition, it also has a printing test room of 1000 square meters, more than 500 desktop printers, more than 60 wide-format printers, multiple UV machines, cross-stitch machines and other special printers. It is equipped with dozens of print testers to test inks to ensure that In addition to the smoothness and compatibility of the product, it is equipped with Q-sun tester, ink drop observer and other testing equipment to ensure product innovation from concept to mass production.



First, raw material procurement. The company's colorants and solvents are purchased from internationally renowned brands, of which 100% of the active ink
paste / toner is provided by Yongguang, ensuring that the quality is guaranteed from the source.

Second, product production. Print-Rite New Materials has a 100,000-level dust-free production workshop, and is equipped with a professional quality control team
to monitor and inspect the production process throughout the process to ensure that the quality is controlled during the production process.

Third, logistics and transportation. Print-Rite New Materials is equipped with independent packaging workshops, large warehouses, unloading platforms and a
global logistics network to ensure that products can be delivered to customers intact.

In addition, the company has passed a number of authoritative certifications such as ISO9001 / ISO 14001 / QC080000. Guangdong's cleaner production
enterprises have achieved comprehensive environmental protection in the production process and fully comply with relevant laws and regulations such as
RoHS and REACH. Products have obtained passports to go around the world.

Strong technical R & D and innovation strength

Print-Rite New Materials  has a large 1000m2 inkjet ink printing test room and an elite R & D team composed of more than 30 high-quality personnel such as 

masters, returnees, and senior professors. Medical imaging, fast printing and other fields), printing technology management, patent innovation, new project
development, raw materials research and other seven areas for special research. In the research and development and innovation of inkjet inks,
Print-Rite New Materials has strong technology in the industry:

>> Gas chromatography to accurately distinguish raw material components

>> Ink drop observation method, intuitive monitoring of ink drop status

>> Q-Sun tester, effectively test the light fastness of ink

>> 29 rigorous tests at the R & D stage

>> Accurate ICC curve, provide scientific color solution


Excellence in production control and product quality

Print-Rite New Materials  strictly selects the world's top 500 companies as ink raw material suppliers, uses advanced SAP management systems, and management 

methods such as TPM and 6SIGMA to achieve lean production, introduces advanced lean management methods, and promotes 3A lean improvement projects.
A huge sum of money hired a team of consultants to personally coach, so that every step of the production process was strictly controlled. Multiple fine filtration,
100,000-level dust-free purification workshops, and multiple rigorous inspection and sample retention tracking make every drop of ink produced by
Print-Rite New Materials pure and free of impurities, and the fineness reaches nanometer level.