Development History
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Main development history

In 1995, the company set up a professional inkjet ink research and development team.
In 2002, it established "Zhuhai Baojie Digital Printing Materials Co., Ltd." (predecessor of Natural Baojie);

In 2003, passed ISO9001 certification;

In 2005, the annual production capacity reached 3,000 tons;

In 2006, the new plant of 20,000 m2 in Zhuhai Free Trade Zone was put into use and changed its name to "Zhuhai Free Trade Zone Natural Baojie Digital
Technology Material Co., Ltd." with an annual production capacity of over 5,000 tons;

In 2007, the introduction of international advanced SAP management system;

In 2008, he was awarded the title of "Guangdong High-tech Enterprise";

In 2009, passed the QC080000 certification;

In 2010, passed the ISO 14001 quality management system certification;

In 2012, it was awarded Zhuhai Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise, Zhuhai Independent Innovation 30 Private Enterprises, and Zhuhai Private
Enterprise Innovation Industry Demonstration Base;

In 2013, it was recognized as a “three high and one special” enterprise in Zhuhai City.

In 2014, it was awarded the title of “Guangdong Digital Printing and Printing Material Factory Technology Research Center” and was recognized as
“Guangdong Province SME Innovation Industrialization Demonstration Base”;

In 2015, it was recognized as “Private Technology Enterprise in Zhuhai City”; digital inkjet ink was recognized by Guangdong Famous Brand Products;
“Printed Color Ceramic Ink” won the second prize of Guangdong Science and Technology Award; “Environmental Digital Printing Color Hot Sublimation
Ink won the third prize of Guangdong Science and Technology Progress Award;

In 2016, the share reform was renamed Zhuhai Tianwei New Materials Co., Ltd., and the successful New Third Board was listed.

In 2017, the provincial-level enterprise technology center of Guangdong Province was recognized. Zhuhai City, a key enterprise for intellectual property
protection. Zhuhai City Strategic Emerging Industry Key Product Promotion Guidance Catalog Certificate.

In March 2018, following the "environmentally friendly digital printing textile ink", the company's product "UV-curing digital inkjet ink" won the key promotion
product identification of strategic emerging industries in Zhuhai.

In May 2018, it was awarded the special fund support for the Guangdong Provincial Innovation Industrialization Demonstration Base----Digital Printing and
Printing Functional Materials Quality Improvement Project.

In 2018, the company has been rated as “Guangdong Province Contract-Respecting and Credit-Reliable Enterprise” for ten consecutive years.